Budhasubbha Temple - Proud of Dharan

Budha Subba Temple is one of the pride of Dharan and Eastern Nepal. It is a religious place of Nepali People. Budha Subba temple is also the tomb of the last Limbu King of Morang, Buddhi Karnaraya Khebang. He was tricked into coming to Bijaypur - Dharan for a negotiation, then killed by the assassins of King Prithvi Narayan Shah of Nepal. Buddhi Karna Khebang's soul is believed to have wandered around the area of his tomb around Bijaypur and was said to be a friendly and helpful spirit. Then local Limbu people started worshipping the soul as an old king (Subha or Hang means King in Limbu language) believing it to be bring good luck. Bijaypur-Dharan was the capital city of the Kingdom of Morang and the political and economic centre of the Limbuwan region.

We can find a lot of Bamboo Trees in Budha Subba Temple without the top portion. All Bamboo Trees there do not have its top. Many Girls and Boys go there and tie Mala ( a kind of rope hanged in Neck) and write the pair name (boy and girl who love each other). It is believed that who ever ties Mala there and writes their name in the bamboo their will get their love fore ever with happy life. 

This photo is taken from wagle.com.np


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